Finding Bigfoot DVD – Season 4


Animal Planet’s TV Series “Finding Bigfoot” DVD – Season 4

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The Bigfoot Field Research Organization travels west to zero in on new hotspots rich in sasquatch history. With special access to private land, they’ll speak to local witnesses and use new technology to lure the mysterious beast. And upon discovery of a record number of bigfoot tracks, the team will deploy one of the most dangerous night investigation techniques ever used.



Badlands Bigfoot
The team meets with witnesses from the Lakota Sioux, who claim bigfoots roam the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. After zeroing in on a hotspot, the team is granted special access to private land where they just might find the Lakota’s legendary Tall Man.

Indonesia’s Little Bigfoot
The Finding Bigfoot team journeys to the island of Sumatra in search of Indonesia’s elusive orang pendek, venutring into the unfamiliar jungle in hopes of proving this mythical creature is in fact real.

Peek-A-Boo Bigfoot
The team travels to the Great Smokies of TN to investigate trail camera photos that may show a sasquatch living in these mountains. After witnesses share stories, the team enlists the aid of professional hog callers to try and bait a hungry bigfoot.

Bigfoot and the Redhead
The team travels to PA to meet with teenagers who may have filmed a bigfoot while riding go-karts. A packed town hall leads them to the Allegheny National Forest, where they deploy a unique search technique to try and elicit a response from a bigfoot.

Bigfoot Loves a Barbecue
The team travels to CT to investigate a video of a possible bigfoot captured by a mother recording her children at play. In one of the most populated states, they meet with locals and set up a bait trap in hopes of luring in any hungry bigfoots.

Virgin Sasquatch
The team returns to Oregon to investigate a record amount of bigfoot tracks originally cast and documented by Cliff. As they zero in on a recent hotspot, the team deploys a dangerous technique to increase their odds of capturing this elusive creature.

Bigfoot the Friendly Ghost
The team travels to Illinois to meet a man who claims to have recorded bigfoot howls in his own backyard. Several witnesses share their sightings of these creatures in some unusual locations, including a graveyard.

Heart of Squatchness
The team travels to Vietnam in search of the Wildman, a bi-pedal ape similar to bigfoot in its ability to elude man. Villagers help guide the team to a hotspot of activity, where they brave the dangerous jungle and stumble upon some unexpected surprises.



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